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Dubai Equestrian Club

Dubai Equestrian Club (DEC) organises and host’s quality equestrian sports for the UAE and international athletes in the disciplines of Endurance, Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing at the purpose-built Dubai International Endurance City and its subsidiary Emirates Equestrian Centre. Responsible for organising and promoting the sport of Endurance, the DEC also serves as a supporter of international equestrian sports and sponsor of select major events.


Dubai Equestrian Club has been a major sponsor of all leading endurance events, championships and World Equestrian Games and is committed to supporting major equine events worldwide in order to grow the sport, build awareness and attract both visitors and top equestrian professionals to the UAE.

  • World Endurance Championship –Dubai, 1998

  • World Endurance Championship –France, 2000

  • European Endurance Championship –Italy, 2001

  • World Equestrian Games –Spain, 2002

  • World Endurance Championship –Dubai, 2005

  • European Endurance Championship –Portugal, 2005

  • World Equestrian Games –Aachen, Germany 2006

  • European Endurance Championship –Assisi, Italy2009

  • World Equestrian Games –Kentucky, USA 2010

  • Marche Endurance Lifestyle -Italy, 2012

  • World Endurance Championship -Euston Park, UK 2012

  • Assisi Endurance LifestyleOpen –Assisi, Italy2012

  • Marche Endurance Lifestyle -Italy, 2013

  • Assisi Endurance LifestyleOpen –Assisi, Italy2013

  • World Equestrian Games –Tryon, USA 2018

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